Type of project

Private Residence




Landscape Corten Steel Virus Water Travertine Recovery Stairs Light Interior Iconic


PAYSAGE N.4/2017


Pietro Savorelli




Siena, Italy

The rare opportunity to design for a single property permitted us to work on the overall vision of the project within the landscape, never losing sight of the global aspect of the project, down to the smallest detail. After renovating and consolidating the skeleton according to the collaborative design programme, the complex was ready to receive a series of new vertical and horizontal connections within the villa and between the adjacent buildings. We identify these connections by injecting our VIRUS into the project, a dynamic virus that runs along, traces, and connects the paths, revealing new spatial visions in the rest areas. We conceived the design of the connections in spurts, almost impulsively, like the movement of a snake closed inside the complex and forced to flee quickly due to the sudden start of the building works (A Snake in The House). These new functional connections are embedded in the clean, polished, and historic nature of the buildings, with a contemporary language that draws on our artistic philosophy for forms, geometries, and materials. Lightweight and contemporary links showcase their architectural essence, emerging along different points of the ribbon. These connections are also capable of emitting an evocative and vaguely surreal atmosphere, especially in the evening when they are lit from within; designer lanterns clinging to the memory of history.

While the contemporary additions make use of lightweight and technological materials, we chose materials for the restoration of the existing buildings by following the dictates of authentic tradition and the utmost naturalness.

All of the restored and reinterpreted architectural scenes are located within a group of 7 garden areas that continuously flow into each other, divided by cor-ten steel steps leading up to higher areas or by long, contoured ridges of grassy earth.

Each area is characterised by moments of surprise and intimacy, interpreted with paths that vary according to the use of materials and layout or the original purpose of the area, such as the old barnyard reinterpreted as a veranda near the swimming pool.

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