Type of project

Private Residence


2018 – in progress


Plaster Corten Steel Landscape Water Travertine Geometry Interior


Michele Razzi


In progress


Siena, Italy

The project arose from the need to divide the existing villa into two separate residential units.

The central connection point that connects the two units becomes the focal point of the entire project. The panoramic terrace above overlooks the countryside, affording views of the skyline of Siena.  

In addition to representing the element that connects and distributes the entrances of the two units, the cor-ten steel and glass volume recalls an old compass. This detail ensures the perceptive breach that frames the garden behind the villa when viewed from the entrance, a perspective that provides an accurate perception of the site’s dimensions.

Sculpted masses alternate with smooth surfaces, breathing new life into the façade and creating a motif of square openings in the stone and rectangular openings in the plaster.

The projection of the cor-ten steel eaves that wrap around the building in a continuous perimeter band serves to knit the various volumes together. The jutting out and retreating forms define the new cut-away roof terraces.  

The building’s orientation creates a dynamic display of shadows that characterise the structure, assuming a dominant dimension every single day and during each season, giving the villa an impressive and ever-changing appearance.

Precious travertine accompanies the eye from the villa’s entrance to the garden where, between steps and jumps in height, you enter a small annexe, which is stylistically integrated into the architectural language of the main complex.

The path leads to the swimming pool area, a geometric crater also carved in travertine and the element that brings the whole garden to life. The garden has been regenerated with various plant species and orchards within a landscape design that exploits the steep slope of the site as a scenic opportunity.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report