Type of project

Private Residence


2010 – in progress


Corten Steel Virus Landscape Stone Cement Water


Paola De Pietri


In progress


Todi, Italy

The project is set in a well-defined and structured rural context, in the hills of the Umbrian countryside, not far from Todi.

The client’ brief was for a project with an extremely contemporary and personal character, tailored to their way of life, but that would not alter the area’s genius loci in any way.

Once the renovation of the farm buildings was completed, the loggia connecting the two buildings was removed and replaced with a sculptural feature that interrupts the immensity of the existing buildings, literally fitting between them.  

This structure, made entirely of cor-ten steel and glass, performs various functions: it is the main entrance to the residence, a contemporary landmark, a multi-floor space with a steel and glass balcony that connects the first floors of the two buildings, and features spaces for meditation and a gallery for contemporary artworks.  

The other two projects, while conceptually similar in approach, actually differ in function and architectural composition. We carved into the two opposite slopes of the hill, creating volumes that we integrated to the fullest extent possible into the natural character of the location.

The two extensions house a small cinema, a cellar, and a gym on the north side. On the opposite side, we find the guesthouse, an extremely contemporary, representative building, which references the broken lines present in the large cor-ten steel sculpture between the two historic buildings.

It was clearly impossible to limit the project to just the tangible architecture and it also involved reorganising the entire green space.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report