Type of project

Commercial Building


2008 – in progress


Marble Geometry Reflection Light Corten steel Interior Iconic


Pallon Daruwala


In progress


Bangalore, India

We designed the HMG Stones natural marble, granite, and stone showroom in Bangalore to give the visitor the same atmosphere as that of a contemporary art museum or, better still, that of a theatre. 

Located at No.1 Sankey Road, the showroom overlooks the main road to the airport, which carries one million vehicles a day. The building retains its original façade built entirely of glass and steel, embellished by a vertically woven motif created with disused frame saws, that were used to cut stone blocks into slabs. Here, the saws are reinterpreted as sunshades and acoustic shielding in an iconic look that strongly reflects the identity of the business.

A pedestrian area surrounds the building, consisting of a small square in which we applied hexagon-shaped steps for passers-by and customers to sit on, reflecting the entire building’s geometric-compositional matrix.

The whole design was inspired by a turtle shell, a highly complex grid of 11 different hexagons, partially mirrored on both sides. The way in which the design precisely reflects this design is extremely effective in emphasising the sense of uniqueness and exclusivity that each slab of marble has, like the shell of a turtle. As far as is possible, this detail highlights another link with nature that is typical of Indian culture.

There are four exhibition levels, divided into collections, plus a terrace and a skybox, an exclusive suspended space floating in the landscape of the Indian city, which will be used for events, exhibitions, and special presentations.

We carried out particularly in-depth work and research to design the lighting; we partnered with the Panzeri company in Monza and the IvorySense company in Bangalore to design special lights that constitute an unrepeatable architectural experience and enhance the craftsmanship and the technical competence of the construction and design team.

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