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Castellina in Chianti, Italy

Until a little less than forty years ago, this was the site of one of Italy’s most important livestock farms, intensively rearing poultry, pigs and rabbits.

Over the subsequent years, the business owners encountered growing economic difficulties due to increased competitiveness in the livestock sector, leading to a gradual decline in the business until the complete collapse of the farm. The area is currently suffering acute environmental degradation; it is littered with warehouses of various sizes, farmhouses, and newly built houses left in a state of disrepair.

The project includes a recovery plan, landscaping and redevelopment of the area, and the construction of a high-quality residential facility.

Using the traces of the pre-existing livestock farm that were left after its demolition and maintaining the old elevations, we created two levels of guest rooms integrated into the original contour of the hill, recreating landscape continuity through the use of grass-covered roofs that reconstruct the appearance of the grassy slope.

In fact, no new “wounds” are to be made, and the series of guest rooms built on several levels is knitted together by underground paths that allow guests to reach the main centre located on the top of the hill. The main centre is made up of “Three stones”, the three architectural elements built to replace three old buildings, housing the hospitality and catering departments of the hotel facility. A square is nestled between the three stones, which accumulates the flux of the linear farmland and passes this flow on to the various green terraces of the underground buildings in a fluid and seamless spatial articulation.

Arranged on the opposite side of the hill, the wellness building, entirely clad in stone, the parking spaces, and an open-air theatre overlooking the valley, complete the range of facilities.

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