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2019 – in progress


Iconic Travertine Marble Glass Metal Reflection Landscape Arts Lights


In progress


Colle Val D’Elsa, Italy

This is a project inspired by the plans and visionary ambition of Gaetano Trovato, the multi-Michelin-starred chef, located on a hill opposite the historic centre of Colle Val d’Elsa, which has already been the site of significant contemporary architectural experiments over the last 50 years. The main objective of the building, which was subject to a series of urban planning limitations, was to offer a view of the renowned urban skyline to the diners seated at the eight exclusive dining tables.

The design originates from the idea of cutting out a viewing window, hence the name that actually represents both an aesthetic and functional concept: THE FRAME.

It is a flattened and elongated building suspended over the landscape, welcoming guests into a transparent and floating environment.

Developing over two levels that feature different functional and poetic values, sculpted in the shadows of the large overhanging roof, the structure mixes colours and materials of the landscape like a menu inherited from the past but interpreted in a contemporary way. Alternating burnished and polished metals, the soils of Siena combined with local travertine and marble; these elements are interpreted as a sort of complement to the impressions of the Tuscan countryside.

Downstairs, a carefully selected cellar uses bottles as a repetitive modular element in the composition of the interior design. 

The kitchen’s equipment is of enormous experimental value, an as-yet nonexistent prototype that explores a new way of understanding space and function in a prestigious restaurant.

The building is rooted within the organisation of the external spaces which, through very modest shifts of levels, defines a picturesque and narrative access promenade, the natural slope of a small square directly connected to the lower level of the cellar. An ideal space in which to organise cultural and promotional events in the world of Michelin-starred restaurants.

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