Type of project

Temporary exhibition


2009 – 2011


Wood Glass Geometry Arts


Paola De Pietri




Siena, Italy

An exhibit design that is functional “at the present” but flexible enough to be reshaped for the future, to be recreated in other places, multiplied or reduced within the space: not an ephemeral staging, but a fluid architecture.

The temporary nature of exhibitions-events often leads to the design of installations that follow a scenographic logic influenced by their precarious and provisional nature.

The opportunity to wholly or partially reuse the components is determined by virtue of the modular organisation of the elements, created with such a degree of interchangeability, modularity, and versatility to enhance the value of different types of works.

Therefore, we could say that adaptability and ease of disassembly, as well as constructing with high quality and durable materials, represent the main objectives that the “Tetris project” endeavoured to achieve.

The precious band that wraps around the central core of the Museo Civico in Montepulciano is used in a similar way in the rooms of the Museo Santa Maria della Scala in Siena.

The black lacquered-finish band is fitted with anchoring and mounting systems and incorporates LED lights that are dimmable and have a stable colour temperature.  

Critical apparatus texts are embedded into the band and suspended behind frosted glass, conferring an overall image that is contemporary and fluid.

Structurally freestanding tables accompany this central space; each table is wired separately, enabling them to be grouped together to compose a single chain of elements or used individually in an autonomous and complete form.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report