Type of project

Private Residence




Interior Reflection Stone Corten Steel


Paola De Pietri




Siena, Italy

The view overlooking one of the most unusual churches in Siena, one of the few surviving examples of Baroque architecture, could not fail to be instrumental in developing a renovation project that is simultaneously extroverted and intimate.

The light reflected from the brilliant white stone of the Church of Santa Maria di Provenzano narrates the course of the day with its warm and cold cyclic modulations from dawn to dusk. The public square is in symbiosis with the private indoor and outdoor terrace-square.

As is often the case in our renovations, the project redefines the various design disciplines and utilises a reference material that is given expression in the apartment’s various spaces and functions.

The house, which often hosts international students and professors, expresses a contemporary way of experiencing a city like Siena, which only appears to be biased towards history.

We paid particular attention to creating a dedicated furniture line; this weaves around and attempts to solve the problems of a number of traditional interior items such as the table, the bookcase, and several wall-mounted storage solutions.

The terrace layout project is also very detailed, organised along a path of plant tubs and pots, composed of pure cylindrical shapes or portions of cylinders which, in addition to containing greenery, refract the light and reflect the church, creating a surprising effect when walking among the sculptures that overlook the square.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report