Type of project

Temporary Installation




Marble Geometry Light


Pallon Daruwala




Bangalore, India

The concept for the Stona Fair in Bangalore in 2018 is another milestone in our formal research into the series of important international exhibitions related to marble. We designed an installation inspired by the Greek cross, developed on a square base measuring 13 m x 13 m.

The orthogonal, asymmetrical arms of the cross are positioned along the diagonals of the square, extending an invitation to enter the exhibition experience in each direction.

The three-dimensional development of the section conjures up two naves. The intersection point between the naves houses a polyhedron recess, the organic-geometric essence of which is evocative of a lotus flower. Aligned below this “skylight”, we inserted the totemic form of an onyx monolith, visible from all angles.

To enhance the contrast between the selection of marble on display and the pavilion’s geometric shape, we chose black to make the sharp edges stand out within the entire fair.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report