Type of project

Temporary exhibition




Geometry White Plaster Arts Iconic


PAYSAGE N.4/2017

AND N. 24


Paola De Pietri




Siena, Italy

An exhibition of objects from different worlds and various geographic areas, re-assembled in an itinerary of nine critical sections that together make up a complex single structure. The display’s implicit design establishes an intense and continuous dialectic between the collection of artwork and the contemporary style of the supports, expressed in a continuity of language and materials closely linked to the concept of modernity and easily recognisable as valuable architectural objects.

Therefore, the comparison is more closely linked to the history of architecture than to that of design or display; it intentionally skirts along the edges of that which is immaterial.

The narrow hall, for example, could be paying tribute to Luis Barragan and the satellite town monument in the district of Naucalpan in Mexico, or the synthetic and metaphysical representation of the Palazzo della Farnesina in Rome, which is a sort of miniature, a scale model of the original building. Not to mention the section dedicated to gold artefacts, in which the concept embraces the theme of deconstructing the column elements. These forms are embellished within display cases, some of which are not on pedestals but hang from the ceiling like stalactites creating a suspended display, which showcases the magnificently crafted objects that sparkle, hypnotising and captivating the visitors.

The supports for Siena’s she-wolves section are inspired and created using the principle of isometrics, taking the concept of miniaturising reality to the extreme and reflecting he territory’s morphology; imaginary landscapes dominated by the Republic of Siena’s she-wolves.

There are 190 works of art in nine sections, displayed along an exhibition itinerary that presents a dynamic vision of the whole, underlying its narrative unity and enhancing every single piece.

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02.Technical Report