Type of project





Arts Light Geometry Restoration Corten Steel


Bruno Bruchi




Saturnia (GR) , Italy

The exhibition area around the perimeter is arranged in a barycentric position in relation to the longitudinal development, embracing all the existing plant’s engineering and structural constraints. The staging then opens up and houses a more intimate room inside, where a large suspended horizontal display case allows the most fragile conservation works to be exhibited.

Subjected to subtractions to form cut-outs and perspective views in a rational combination of solids and spaces, the exhibition area is capable of absorbing the irregular volume of the recessed display cases with their variable geometry. The result is an angular, precise, and distinct architecture, moulded to create the supports for the exhibits, avoiding the useless recourse to decoration and defining itself exclusively for the composition of the three-dimensional elements.

By rejecting the principle of covering up or sticking to the pre-existing architectural structure, the installation creates a distinctive distribution of flows, providing flexibility in displaying the artwork and the complete integration of the plant engineering network.

The display cases are mounted in a flexible manner, through the use of inclined planes, breaking up the sharpness and purity of the architectural space, creating a dynamic and vibrant image while preserving the univocal precision of the exhibition architecture.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report