Type of project

Temporary installation


2013 – in progress


Geometry Marble Reflection Chasing and Repoussage Light Iconic


Pietro Savorelli

Cuauhtémoc Giancaterino




Verona, Italy

Xiamen, China

Since 2013, Studio Milani has been curating the Tosco Marmi Group’s coordinated image and design installations to showcase the Group at the sector’s most important trade fairs, concentrating on events in Xiamen and Verona.

From the outset, the conversation with the client has been aimed at not just using stone as a cladding material but, rather, highlighting its three-dimensionality and the concept of poetic phrasing, in addition to the commercial aspect. We envisioned a long-term project in which open-mindedness and a visionary quality would contribute to the Group’s cultural and technical development. It is a Group that is always ready to rise to new and varied challenges and to present to the world examples of how to utilise this material that have yet to be explored.

Every year, we decide on a theme that strikes us as evocative and iconic for various reasons; a project is drawn up based on this theme, which usually involves a high degree of complexity.

In fact, the exhibition presented here is distinguished by powerful projections, a series of interlocking joints, massive use of materials, unusual combinations, organic references, imaginary landscapes and metaphysical compositions. All of these elements deliver a message that liberates, as far as possible, the nature of the material from the limits of form and design.

In 2017, this approach won us the Best Communicator Award for the best stand in the “design” category. The reasoning behind our win was “the formal result is far-removed from the usual imagery of the world of marble, with an open and organic setting, and speaks of the breadth of application of the brand’s products”.”.

Therefore, the central point of our research was to go beyond the usual business stand design in favour of a more dreamlike vision that would expand the use and suggest new trajectories for a material that is so luxurious and yet so precariously inconvenient in terms of consolidated taste.

Our relationship with the Toscomarmi Group has grown stronger over the years, along with an increasingly in-depth knowledge of the quarry basin, thanks to numerous on-site visits, and of the mechanical and chemical qualities of the material, which features multiple chromatic and graphic characteristics within the same quarry; a mysterious quirk of nature that makes this dolostone unique and inimitable.

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