Type of project

Sports Centre




Geometry Landscape Land Building Colour Iconic


d’Architettura N.36




Siena, Italy

Our sports arena design endeavours to create a landmark that can justifying its presence in the already unique morphology of the land.

Therefore, the arena is integrated within, not withdrawn into, the space; it is rooted to the ground, but its gaze is turned towards the sky in keeping with the most advanced formal research. It is the genetic child of a dodecahedron and the Palasclavo sports arena, almost like a mysterious shape sculpted from clay..

This tussock sculpted by the plough features an interior divided into a series of conventional, almost textbook, spaces and functions allocated to specific uses, as well as innovative areas; a place worthy of a team that aims high.  

Additional features include a small sports centre with an auxiliary playing field, a gym and physiotherapy centre, a basketball museum, a bar-restaurant, and a merchandising areas that can be used to attract visitors even when no sporting events are taking place.

In essence, the structure would also have an autonomous life linked to conferences and large-scale events, concerts, and shows.  

From the perspective of energy consumption, the sustainability of such a complex organism certainly moves beyond merely monitoring its passive operation to include energy production.

A combined geothermal and solar panel system is planned to optimise energy consumption, with flexible output based on the required capacity.

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