Type of project

Commercial Building


2019 – in progress


Iconic Metal Reflection Water Landscape Interior


In progress


Calcutta, India

This was a project for the renovation and conversion of the brand Gorsia Design’s pre-existing luxury interior design showroom, in Calcutta. The restyling of the showroom involved the renovation of the entrance façade, all the interiors, and the large garden accessed through the main exhibition hall, in which the swimming pool and the owner’s private pavilion can be found. Circular forms are the common thread, unifying the different elements and the numerous areas that make up the showroom. Alternating everted and subtracted circles create an iridescent environment as the light passes over the surfaces. The imposing façade draws the attention of visitors; at the entrance, they encounter a spire covered with ceramic tiles in tones of red. Elegant and precious materials such as marble flooring, exotic wood, and brass finishes, blend together harmoniously and set the stage for the interior lines that are representative of the brand. The upper floor recreates several domestic interior scenes, partitioned by a ceiling featuring white pyramids and burnished brass. This floor overlooks the double-height gallery, the vast rooms of which are radiated by light from the showroom’s glass ceiling. The garden with a swimming pool is designed to extend the exhibition space and as a venue for special events. The space features the owner’s pavilion, constructed from structural glass that creates an interplay of reflections and transparencies.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report