Type of project

Temporary Installation




Wood Glass Geometry Arts


Paola De Pietri


AND N. 24




Siena, Italy

A decision was taken to resolve the central body of the exhibition with a single gesture by the use of multiple inclined planes that create perspective effects of different depths, conferring an overall hypnotic and vibrant quality.

Therefore, we selected an archetype of Etruscan funerary architecture, usually not visible, since these structures were buried underground.

The narrative path of the exhibition is formed by the section that re-emerges from the ground to produce a volume that is twisted and deformed lengthwise and then disintegrates into sections of uniform width.

In this way, we have modified the traditional display case model. These sections, aligned inside a unique volumetric profile, ensure that the message of the generating portion of the project is not lost and concurrently reestablishes a unified overall vision of the volume.

The choice of white is a function of the tomb’s conceptual abstraction, emphasising the object’s architectural character once again.

The Attic vases from the Bonci-Casuccini collection, one of the most prestigious and important Etruscan art collections in Europe, are on show in these display cases.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report