Type of project

Religious Centre




Plaster Glass Metal Travertine Reflection Arts


Cuauhtémoc Giancaterino





The project involves redeveloping and reusing a building for a social purpose, in an area of partially deteriorated mixed residential and industrial buildings, to create the Caritas centre with a liturgical chapel, offices, and initial reception accommodation.

The project enabled us to clean up and reprofile the existing space and to clarify the sections’ hierarchies, highlighting the complex’s three main entry façades. These façades accentuate the complex’s relationship with the public street and its visibility, both during the day and at night.

We applied a process of subtraction and addition through formal rigour and an innovative linear and straightforward rational interpretation of spatial organisation. In this way, we arrived at a solution comprised of solid, pure forms in a composition that creates a fresh balance of planes, shadows, and perspectives.

This design sensibility is also expressed inside, especially in the Church, where functional minimalism, natural light, and the purity of compositional lines, materials, and furnishings that invoke a deeply sacred atmosphere for meditation and reflection.

We used a single colour to knit the spaces and different functions together: an elegant, neutral, and natural hue, as smooth as silk, obtained by blending several colours together. The colour morphs into other shades at different times of the day before settling into the travertine stone that paves the exterior square.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report