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Iconic Wood Metal Arts Light


Cuauhtémoc Giancaterino



Alc. fr. 346 V. 

“Let’s drink!

Why are we waiting for the lamps?

Only an inch of daylight left.  


Lift down the large cups, my friends, 

the painted ones;

for wine was given to men by the son of Semele and Zeus

to help them forget their troubles.


Mix one part of water

to two of wine,

pour it in up to the brim,  

and let one cup push the other along. “


“Alcaeus of Mytilene”, an ancient Greek poet, compared light to wine, a gift from the gods, in one of his poems from the sixth century BC.

Today this bottle holder, designed for the Barth company, pays homage to that ancient connection in its golden proportions, the shaping of the light, and the tint of red wine.

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