Type of project

Temporary Installation




White Alluminum Glass Light Reflection Arts


Paola De Pietri




Siena, Italy

The alternating opaque and metallic surfaces create a geometric composition with an ideational triangular matrix. The forms can be traced throughout the layout, and are based on the image of an electroencephalogram that divides and winds its way through the various rooms and levels of the museum.

Taking advantage of the angular pinnacles, we were able to forge devices capable of engaging visitors in an edgy yet relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, enabling them to absorb the visual and descriptive information of the exhibition section they were visiting. We divided the continuous line of the diagram in to sections to create openings that served the narration; we inserted reflective material in the display stands, allowing visitors to interact with the display, seeing their own image reflected back at them as they follow the itinerary. An inner ghost, a hidden consciousness that unexpectedly resurfaces.

We opted to follow the architectural trend of using unusual materials by widely adopting aluminium expanded sheets, a material extensively used in construction. This allowed us to cut costs, facilitate the installation of the artworks, optimise the climate control, but above all, to elicit the impression of a grid, a cage, an obsessive texture that aptly summarises the asylum-like atmosphere, and also creates a remarkable play of light.

01.Photo Report

02.Technical Report