L’Industria Italiana del Cemento

Guarding the Port

An excerpt from the article by Paolo Valvo

[…The tower in the “Marina Cala de’ Medici” tourist port in Rosignano Solvay (LI) houses the administrative offices that supervise the port’s operations. The building forms the strategic heart of the entire port complex, which also includes six fixed and three mobile piers, with a total of 600 moorings, the “Il borgo” shopping centre, a shipyard, car parking, garages, and other services for the port’s users.

From an architectural perspective, the building that houses the tower is defined by the intersection of two volumes. The first is a vertical parallelepiped, which rises from the ground to a height of almost 156 metres, making up the “tower” proper. The second is a horizontal parallelepiped, almost 30 metres long, inserted orthogonally into the vertical structure, approximately 3 metres above the ground, which is the main section of the building…]

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