Arie Italiane

Inside and Outside: Conditions, Limits

Domestic living space has been the subject of a significant, albeit predictable change, determined by emerging lifestyles and new social habits, developing into a preference for passing through space, rather than standing still in it.

In the house in Siena designed by Andrea Milani, the client chose to dedicate a section of their house to display a collection of artworks. But, instead of marking a strict boundary between the two realms, that of domestic life and that of an exhibition space, the two realities, private and public, intertwine in a single and ambiguous environment, where the sphere of intimacy is continually invaded by the presence of a stranger who is warmly welcomed and taken in.

The house design develops around the intertwined pathways and various activities that touch or overlap.

Here, the house is not a familiar and circumscribed place of privacy, an intimate environment to return home to; instead, it is configured as a porous internal-external system, which expands beyond the limits of the walls, leading us to imagine a continuous urban landscape that focuses a variety of emotions.

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