Area No. 37

A House in Siena

An excerpt from an article by Vittorio Savi

[… Full marks for the architect. Andrea Milani is a young architect who seeks to subjugate his individual talent to the discipline of tradition, in particular by addressing the neglected connection between restoration and the conservation of architectural materials.

On this occasion he moved away from the principles of Alberti’s treatise: the house, its corridors, halls, rooms, and bedrooms, must be like a small town, the streets, squares, private residences, and public buildings.

He drafted the project as a palimpsest of the improvements to be made to the composition of the elements, straggling the boundary between unity and disaggregation; it animated the entity in a way that was characterised by considerable theoretical consistency. However, he did not fail to make it concrete, and he did so through his execution, which went as far as the assembly of contemporary materials together with materials from the distant past and those from the recent past: expressionist, constructivist, or minimalist…]

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