AND No. 24

An excerpt from the editorial article by

Paolo Di Nardo

«The sky above Siena is always clear»

[ … While I know Siena and its region well, each time I visit this city it presents me with a different backdrop to its existence that has remained unaltered over the centuries. When I expressed my amazement at the sky’s beauty, Andrea confidently pronounced this assertion full of Sienese arrogance, a sense of identity, and having grown accustomed to Siena’s beauty.

‘Beauty’ as an identifying mark but, above all, as an accent of contemporaneity is the common
thread that runs through the ever-changing and contingent process of Andrea Milani’s works.

The ‘Sienese arrogance’, with its long-held values, is tempered in Milani, taking on new colours and accents that are only seemingly and trivially irreverent… ]