We have always been fascinated by the scope for interaction between contemporary languages and constrained landscapes or multilayered urban contexts that only appear to be unalterable.

Architectural work usually involves operating in sensitive situations, addressing the historical stratification of the context and the even more fragile layers of the landscape itself.

Our design approach seeks to establish a non-generic relationship with the “place” and endeavours to investigate the sedimented folds of the setting, the orographic, material, geometric, and anthropological complexities and the interstitial possibilities of the fabric.

In other words, we adopt an elliptical gaze, with one eye focused on history and the landscape in a precise and sensitive way. The other eye is focused on the possibility of tarnishing it, inoculating it with contemporaneity as if it were an intelligent virus. An addition that does not destroy the body that hosts it, whether it is an open territory or urban fabric; rather, it coexists with it and, in some way, strengthens it.

In short, a form of architecture that sees history as an asymptomatic carrier of innovation, far removed from any form of vernacular pretence, and capable of affirming the human warmth of modernity.

Selected Project

Turtle Showroom HMG

Commercial building
Bangalore, India | 2018

Voorlinden Museum

Museum co-design and covering project
Wassenar, Netherlands | 2016

The Whale Primary School

School building
Sinalunga, Italy | 2013

Beauty and experimentation

Each project is defined by applying a multidisciplinary approach to architectural design, combined with artistic research, manifested through the experience we have garnered over more than 20 years in business.

We have always been open to a wide variety of projects: new architecture for private and public clients, museums, international art exhibitions, residential and historical building restorations, infrastructure, landscape, and regenerative architecture.

Our focus on each project is to conceive a specific contemporary design language, resulting from in-depth research on shapes, geometry, materials, and the role of light.

Here at Studio Milani, we aim to introduce unexpected spaces, objects, and environments into people’s lives by implementing an experimental process that places materials at the centre of the scene.

As we do work and publish in many countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, China, and India, our solutions are conceived and designed to integrate different aesthetic, cultural, and social contexts. We interpret the new architectural opportunities generated by the ever-changing scenarios offered by the contemporary world.

Last Insights

August 11, 2022

Arnolfo The Frame – La Nazione

10.08.2022 LA NAZIONE Arnolfo "The Frame"


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